Cosinus Group Capital Partners

We are a venture capital firm that helps companies grow and evolve. From the get-go, we invest time and energy in pinpointing a company’s exact needs and whether we’re the right people to help.


Our primary focus isn’t on the size of an investment, but how we can add value for all parties involved.

Our approach at-a-glance:

Our global network of experts who enable us to respond and adapt quickly.

Our compliance processes are thorough, but we don't believe in unnecessary bureaucracy.

We take each case on it's merits.

Our primary focus isn't on the setor but on the calibre of the business and its people.

It's not the size of the investment that matters most, it's the quality of the venture.

We tailor the investment and exist to the individual case.

We seek solutions that work for all parties.

We believe in being open and honest.

Investing in what we believe in

Our investments tend to be medium to long-term and we specialise mainly in the Technology, Healthcare and Sports & Leisure sectors. Our main criterion isn’t size or sector, it’s investing in ventures of people we believe in. It’s an approach that makes us different and has earned us a reputation as a reliable partner that looks at a company’s value in the broadest sense.